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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

You could be my flamingo cause pink is the new kindda lingo

Things have been pretty busy here at La Poulette - first the beau chateau, then Paris, then London, a brief period of intense studying for an 8 hour exam last Friday and the immediate subsequent escape to a girlie week-end getaway in Amsterdam. Funny how surprising it is to discover that one does have a life beyond blogging after all.
But fear not my diehard fans, the site shall resume back to its normal, regular self (cue earshattering collective sigh of relief from the Poulette's gazillion readers) and hopefully migrate to a superior Wordpress location ASAP - it's what I call jumping on the bandwagon before the train leaves the station. Considering that this blog wasn't seriously expected to last beyond a week, the template was never a major concern. Now that things seem to have spun beyond my control, however, I feel that that the times they are a-changing and the template should follow suit. I still maintain that pink and Poulette go together like banana's and peanut butter, which is to say, like, totally. But shadewise I'm thinking less Barbie more Babe, less Hello Kitty more Chanel Chance, less Paris more Proteus... with some luck, all coming to a Poulete near you bientot.


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