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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Becoming Heidi Fleiss

What do you do when a single girlfriend comes to Paris for the week-end? You pimp her off to someone you've never met, of course! Key ingredients:

- one blogger whom your match-making intuition feels would fit the bill pefectly

- one ready-for-anything (and I mean anything!) Single Slovenian Girl

- one convincing e-mail to be sent off to said blogger with tempting proposition (blind date with gorgeous babe)

- one Mastermind pimp in charge of organising the whole affair (yours truly)

- one reluctant-to-tag-along Purebred

Venue: midnight in a bar by the Montparnasse. Situation: threesome facing the door is apparently the all-male party eagerly awaiting the arrival of your charge. You march inside, all eyez curiously on your posse, and suddenly it hits you: I must look like Heidi Fleiss, star new prospect on one side, surly bouncer (a.k.a. The Purebred) on the other. AND BY GOD HOW YOU UNDERSTAND EXACTLY WHY YOUR AMERICAN DOPPELGANGER WAS WILLING TO RISK A JAIL SENTENCE FOR THIS! Verdict: PRICELESS.

In case you are interested: romance did not blossom and another one of my match-making projects went down the toilet. However was it all worth it for the fulfillment of a dream, a bizarre adventure and a great night of partying? Honey, if it's good enough for Heidi, why then it's good enough for me.


  • At 9/07/2005 12:07:00 PM, Anonymous rainbow warrior said…

    Hummm, I guess we can expect an inundation of filles de l'est, now that La Madame Paulette is in business. Just don't mess with those Ukrainian chicks!

  • At 9/08/2005 05:04:00 PM, Blogger schuey said…

    You see, this is why I trust girl most to tell god stories... I would have wined and writtent that, again, the interesting part was more Heidi... Well Well nic to have met you !

  • At 9/08/2005 11:32:00 PM, Blogger Poulette said…

    Say what?

    - " tell god stories"?
    - "I would have wined and writtent"?
    - "nic to have met you"?

    Ease up on that booze, Schu!


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