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Thursday, July 14, 2005

The rainbow warriors

My friend J. can be quite a dresser, when in the mood. Hell, he even makes his own clothes here and there and I've just recently learned that he counts jewelry making among his favourite hobbies. It's just that when he's lounging about at home his dress sense is somewhat specific, shall we say. An old t-shirt (preferably one that he's owned since primary school), an old pair of shorts and flip flops. I've never been a particular fan of flip-flops since I find something mildly indecent about the way they expose your feet - all flat and naked and vulnerable. His are particularly fugly since they also happen to be the dog's favourite toy. But hey, to each his own and I accept - if not respect - his choice of footwear. Until the cold weather kicks in, that is, and he decides to team it with a pair of socks, like so:

Hey, if it's good enough for Kevin Federline...

There are too many things wrong with this look to enumerate (notice the pose of casual indifference, though), so I decided to take things into my own hands. If the man wants to team sock with flip-flops, let him! But let's at least make things a tad more comfortable down there.


I find these socks so abominably ugly that I knew there must be some practical purpose to them. And all it took to find out was a die-hard flip-flop fan.


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