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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blisters beware: armed and dangerous

Shoes are my vice and blisters are the price I pay for my weakness. These have been the bane of my life and the open-toed season of summer is particularly hellish. This is a time when they don't just provide a painful reminder of my vanity, but also destroy the aesthetic value of my feet to a degree that no pedicure can salvage. Up until a few weeks ago, I had to endure these periods by hiding my ugly source of shame in my Puma's as I waddled (sauntering is not something one does when robbed of ones heels) to work, jealously watching other girls showing off their tootsies in carefree hip-swinging, open-toed oblivion.
That is until. Until I discovered what is probably their little secret and one that comes in the form of a little French godsend by the name of Compeed. An invention, my friends, that has made me relish the arrival of any blister big or small. What these babies do is beyond comprehension, but suffice it to say that the seemingly unremarkable bandages provide a comfy little cushion between your injury and the torture device that is your shoe, release some kind of medication as they hang on to your skin for dear life and best of all, become almost completely invisible once stuck into place. The rush at the moment of application is incomparable, for it involves immediate pain relief followed by the sense of victory that only the unlikely merger of comfort and aesthetics can provide. Vanity wins over nature. Good overcomes evil. Beaten my body into submission, oh yes, I have.


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