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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

And the bitch did.

Yesterday, I reached a pivotal moment in my life: I decided to buy a pair of flip flops. I've already made my feelings about these little eyesores clear on previous occasions. And just for the record, I don't find them any better looking today. It's just that they're so (dare I say it?) comfortable. There would be nothing too remarkable about this little event if it were just a fluke, a freak of nature, an accident, shall we say. Little digressions into the realm of bad taste are permissible, but lately, this is starting to become my modus operandi. I don a mini skirt and heels and it occurs to me that I just can't be bothered to go out knowing that my legs will be aching within 10 minutes. And a little voice inside my head whispers: give it up, Bitch! I contemplate which shoes to wear to work, put on my sensible pumps, but then a longing glance at my Puma's stops me midway. And the voice, here it is again, just a little more insistent this time: give it up, Bitch! Skipping breakfast used to be the norm, for there was no other way to get to work on time if I was to put my make-up on properly. Now, I munch on my Special K thinking it's not as though anyone will notice whether I'm wearing mascara or not (oh the barefaced lie!). Enter the voice, louder by the minute: give. It. Up. Bitch.
There was a time, when I would gladly suffer in the name of vanity. Fetching some milk at the neighborhood store was reason enough to dab on lip gloss. Freezing temperatures wouldn't deter me from wearing a flimsy dress on a Friday night about town. And I spent 3 nights of non-stop dancing at the Valkana beach festival of 2003 in 10 centimeter heels. Without complaint.
Alas, the glory days are over. The ten centimeter heels are out and the kitten heels - my last desperate attempt to claim my femininity - are in. The big 3-oh is just around the corner and I hear a pair of Muji flip-flops calling my name. Meanwhile the voice gives one final triumphant cry: GIVE IT UP, BITCH!


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